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SalazarPay redefines your approach to the world of cryptocurrency, making it accessible, simple and free of complexity. It is the ideal platform for those venturing into the crypto universe for the first time, as well as for experienced investors looking for a smooth and intuitive trading experience.

Our Crypto Exchange platform is designed to make buying, selling and accumulating cryptocurrencies an unhindered experience, allowing you to navigate through the various options with ease and security.

Start building your crypto portfolio now and discover a new way to invest, with the guidance and support of a trusted partner like SalazarPay.

The basic plan is free, forever.

The best crypto.

With SalazarPay, you have direct access to some of the most prestigious and high-performing cryptocurrencies on the market. From the iconic Bitcoin, through the innovative Ethereum, to the dynamic Polkadot, our platform allows you to buy, sell and accumulate a wide range of coins that dominate the global charts.

We offer a curated portfolio of the best cryptocurrencies, selected for their reliability, growth potential and importance in the crypto landscape. Whether you are looking for long-term investments or interested in taking advantage of short-term market fluctuations, SalazarPay is the ideal starting point.

First, trust.

We want to make our industry more transparent to earn your trust. That is why we are a regulated company that complies with all applicable regulations in Italy and Europe.

Secure and transparent payments

We choose our partners carefully and only work with trusted banking institutions to ensure complete traceability in transactions.

Security specialists

We develop cutting-edge solutions to ensure the security of your funds through specialised blockchain intelligence.

Your privacy is protected

We comply with the GDPR regulation and European privacy and data protection legislation.
SalazarPay has developed an intuitive and secure application that makes it easy to manage cryptocurrency accounts, cards, exchanges and custody accounts.

Designed for everyone from the expert to the financial neophyte, it offers a clear dashboard for wallet monitoring and instant fiat and cryptocurrency transactions.

With real-time updates, the SalazarPay app keeps you connected to your investments at all times, providing an unparalleled financial experience wherever and whenever you want.