Crypto Custody

Safe and secure storage for digital assets

With SalazarPay, taking digital assets and finances with you to every corner of the world has never been easier or safer. Our Crypto Custody solution is designed to offer you smooth and fast management of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, all in one place.

We give you the freedom to create as many portfolios as you wish, each with separate balances and in the currency of your choice, allowing you to better organise your assets. Whether it's your savings for your next holiday or your investments in Bitcoin, SalazarPay provides you with a multi-currency tool that adapts to your every need.

Discover a smarter way to store and manage your digital assets and cash, always with the maximum security and protection that SalazarPay guarantees.

The basic plan is free, forever.

Operations simplified.

With SalazarPay, your cryptocurrency transactions become remarkably simple. Buy, sell, send, receive and store your cryptocurrencies with the security, ease of use, support and speed that only SalazarPay can offer.

Take advantage of the best market quotes without ever missing an opportunity. Managing your cryptocurrencies has never been more efficient.

The basic plan is free, forever.

Payment account in € e £.

Your Multi-Currency Current Account in euro and sterling will allow you to make payments worldwide and receive any payment quickly by bank transfer, easily sharing your account number and SWIFT/BIC code.


We put your safety at the centre.

Protecting digital assets


Each portfolio is a separate entity, with exclusive management and personal on-chain addresses. Segregation ensures that your assets are individually managed and protected, giving you peace of mind and maximum control over your investments.


We introduce a sophisticated Multiple Approval Scheme (MAS), ensuring detailed and secure governance. This granular approval system ensures that every transaction is subject to multiple verification, for uncompromised security.

Segura (HSM)

Our multi-signature security camera integrates FIPS 140-2 level hardware security modules, literally armouring your digital assets. This advanced hardware protection system offers maximum security against unauthorised access and intrusion attempts.


24/7 availability for all your technical and operational support needs. A dedicated team is always ready to offer you direct support, guaranteeing continuous assistance and prompt answers to all your questions or needs.


Your peace of mind is further enhanced by a €150 million insurance policy provided by Lloyds, with the possibility of extension on request. This high-level insurance cover protects your digital assets, confirming our commitment to maximum security and reliability.

Download our App and secure your Crypto.

SalazarPay has developed an intuitive and secure application that makes it easy to manage cryptocurrency accounts, cards, exchanges and custody accounts.

Designed for everyone from the expert to the financial neophyte, it offers a clear dashboard for wallet monitoring and instant fiat and cryptocurrency transactions.

With real-time updates, the SalazarPay app keeps you connected to your investments at all times, providing an unparalleled financial experience wherever and whenever you want.